Educator Licensure Management System (ELMS) Application Process

  1. College recommends – Certification officer recommends in ELMS for each graduate. In ELMS, on the Credentials screen, it will show as Online Recommendation but is not assigned to an analyst until after the student files their online application. This has to be done because state law requires all applicants to complete the Character Determination background questions to be eligible for licensure.
  2. File online application – Go to the MDE website at and find MDE Applications, click on Online Teacher Licensure. On the search screen, click on Create New User Account and set up your User ID and Password (“YES” you are a MS educator). Update your licensure profile and file an online license application, mark the background character questions and submit.
  3. Submit transcript(s) – Applicant must submit all transcripts so that their undergraduate degree can be verified. Once received, the transcript(s) can be verified in their ELMS account by clicking on Images. Transcripts must be requested by the applicant from the Registrar’s office at their college or university and can be submitted electronically through eScrip-Safe or in a sealed envelope. Office of Educator Licensure must have a transcript on file before the license can be issued even though the college has submitted an online recommendation.*TRANSCRIPT MUST SHOW DEGREE POSTED.
  4. Submit test scores – Applicant needs to be sure Office of Educator Licensure has received their appropriate test scores. They can go into their ELMS account and look to the left side of the screen and click on Tests. If we have not received them electronically from ETS, the applicant can send us a paper copy of their Praxis scores.
  5. Ready to Issue – If the college recommendation is received, the online application submitted, the test scores and transcript(s) received, the licensure analyst will issue as soon as they can get to this file. If there are any documents missing, the analyst will send an email or issue a deficiency letter to the applicant.